Moncton Dentist Dr Christian J. Chiasson
Dr Christian J Chiasson Dentist / Dentiste Moncton


At Dr. Christian J. Chiasson’s dental clinic, we care for the well-being of our patients.

This commitment leads us to do our best to reduce our environmental footprint while providing quality products and services. Our day-to-day operations, from the ecological dental products we use to the paper we buy, exemplify how we take this commitment to heart.

Perceptive to our planet's needs and concerned about seeing our children growing in a healthy world, we reduce the disposal of our biological and domestic waste. We are constantly looking for greener ways of working, and products that are eco-friendly.

We are a proud to have been a member of the Greater Moncton Green Alliance.

For you and the environment we have:

  • a bicycle rack to support eco-friendly transport
  • an amalgam separator to remove amalgam waste particles from dental office wastewater
  • a system for recuperation and recycling of heavy metals
  • a volunteer program for garbage separation (dry & wet)
  • a printing reduction program in the office

We also:

  • use recycled paper containing FSC certified 100% post-consumer fibre, certified EcoLogo, processed chlorine free, FSC recycled and manufactured using biogas energy
  • use all compact fluorescent lights
  • have an energy consumption program, and we shut off all the computers and lights in the office at night